CC #002: Week of October 27, 2002

Week of October 27, 2002

Harry: ‘Hey, ever hear of the personal space rule?’
-Green Ink

‘Pull my finger.’
-Inkwolf, SimplyDucky, Rebecca, Gwen, Noah

‘Harry, because you are without a mother, I’ll take care of the more embarrasing motherly things. Like, say…licking my finger and then wiping your chin with it.’
-Robin CF, Divi and Emily

Phoenix, the other white meat!

‘Harry, you have a booger hanging from your nose…just there.’

‘Eh, it’s not quite there yet, Harry. But believe me, one day — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even for eighteen years, but one day, you too will have a beard.’

‘Does my hand smell funny to you, Harry?’
-Clare and Melissa

‘Harry, you’ve got something on your shirt…’

‘Aha! Made you look!’
-Variations submitted by Alice, Gwen, Smrtgirl, Ella, cbjedi, Liz and Pasalita

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