CC #008: Week of December 8, 2002

Week of December 8, 2002

Dudley: Is that.. the fifth Harry Potter book!
Petunia: Duddeykins, the door to the bookstore is over here. This isn’t a movie, you can’t just magically slip through the glass

I want to be a wizard, too, Hagrid! I can finally enjoy a real feast!

Petunia: Duddeykins, be careful. If you make that face long enough, it’ll stick
Dudley: I know, it already has….

Fat and Cuddly Muggles for sale. No exchanges or returns, all transactions final.

Harry: Simon says, ‘throw your hands up in the air’.

‘Alright! Don’t shoot me! I’ll give back the Eclaires!’

‘Crikey! Look at this snake! Rumour has it that it is very big, and can squish you… I can’t give you any more information as I’ve… I’ve forgotten my lines…’

Dudley: Oh, Daddy, buy me those pastries over there!
Vernon: Ah, I’d rather not, Dudley. You’d best cut back on the sweets.
Dudley: Daddy NOW!
Vernon: Clerk, I’d like to buy those… He’s really a fine boy, he’s just had a sugar rush.
Clerk: It looks like he has them alot

‘Look, Mummy, it’s the other white meat!’

‘Stop, stop stop! You’re going to poke someone’s eye out! Besides, you were saying it wrong: It’s tomAto, not tomOto.’

‘I’m going to bed before you come up with another idea to get me killed, or worse: On another diet!

‘Spirit fingers, everyone!’

‘Do you see these long fingernails, Harry? Yeah, I’m the real reason you have that scar!’
-Eric D.

‘That’s ten. Ten years my family has been mistreating Harry! MWAHAHAHAHA! *thunder and lightning*

‘It’s the last golden ticket, and it’s MINE!

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