CC #093: Week of July 25, 2004

CC #093: Week of July 25, 2004

Week of July 25, 2004

‘HOLD IT! We have to save the whales!’

Shrunken Head: Little old lady at 12 o’clock!
Ernie: You’d think my Trelawney-style glasses would help me see this coming…

Harry Potter: 75 years from now.

But the hard-working Dr. Frankenstein realized that his work had all been in vain when, while coming home one night from a bar, he crashed into his monster.

Harry: What was that bump in the road?
Ernie: Oh, just a big black barking plot point, that’s all…

Ern: If we don’t get up to 88mph, we’ll never make the jump!
Stan: Ah… this is Harry Potter, Ern, not Back to the Future!
Ern: Great Scott!

Coming soon: The Fast and the Furious 3

Ernie: Mock!
Stan: Yeah!
Ernie: Bird!
Stan: Yeah!
Ernie: Yeah! Yeah!
Stan: Look, there’s two people who want a ride, too!
Ernie: Pick them up!
-Jessi and Caitlin

‘Eat my dust, NASCAR!’

‘Pass me in some new fangled, shiny Delorean, Eh, Dr. Brown? Well, let’s see you do this! *Pulls extra-dimensional travel shifter* Ha!’

Shrunken Head: No, Ern, don’t drive towards the light!
Ern: It’s calling me…
Shrunken Head: No, turn back!
Ern: Can’t reach… trying…
Passengers: No!

Dumbledore’s Summer Job

Ernie: ‘Darn it – I just hit a low-flying hippogriff!’

Was that a red light I just passed? And was that a speed bump or a pedestrian? Oh well. I really should give Harry his glasses back…

Ernie: *Squints up at the sky* What is that?
Stan: It’s a bird!
Shrunken Head: No, it’s a plane…
Harry: No – It’s my Aunt Marge. Just keep driving.

Ernie: Is that… the Half-Blood Prince?
*He fails to break*
Ernie: Er… new title, anyone?

Harry Potter, now aged into his 80’s. His glasses are broken for the 200th time, and he is now known as The Boy Who’s Still Alive.

Harry: Why are you driving so fast?
Driver: Because I have to get this Caption Entry to before Thursday!

Hopelessly typecast after the Harry Potter series, actor Dan Radcliffe spends the rest of his days in the public transit field.

Enterprise: ‘We’ll pick you up!’
-Laura M.

Shrunken Head: Little old lady at 12:00!
Ernie: ’12:00′?! Time for my medication!

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