CC #139: Week of June 19, 2005

Week of June 19, 2005

Fleur: How many is that now?
Dumbledore: Eight, I think.
Crouch: No, no, it’s nine. Nine total layouts.
Fleur: I think someone at MuggleNet has too much time on their hands…

Over Zealous HP Fans: Fleur’s not supposed to be wearing a track suit! That’s not what’s in the book!
LOTR Fans: What are you, new?
-Megan J.

Mike Newell: ‘No, no, no! Who got the costumes mixed up?! Fleur, you are not supposed to look like a horseback rider, Dumbledore, you are not supposed to look like a hobo, and Mr. Crouch, you are not supposed to look like Walter Matthau!’

Clemence: Sacre bleu! What iz sat?
Roger: I don’t know, but I’m not eating any of it!
Michael: Can’t these English caterers serve something besides Bangers & Mash at the food service table? This is ridiculous, honestly!

Fleur: ‘And juzt what is zis unmade bed I am standing next to?!’
-Purple Iris

Harry: ‘So a headmaster, a veela and a bad caption walk in to a bar…’

‘I’ll take funny captions for 800, Alex.’
-Kelly H.

Dumbledore: ‘If you think my outfit’s intense, wait till you see the CGI sequence coming up!’

Guy in background: *Whispers to Fleur* You know, you look like a boy with your hair pulled back!
Fleur: Yeah? Well you look like a familiar German dictator!

Dumbledore: Who are you?
Blonde Boy: We’re the Dursleys.
Mustachioed Man: We thought that if we slimmed down, maybe we could fit into the fourth movie.

–Inspired by Coathup’s caption last week–
Dumbledore: What’s wrong with Mr. Finnigan?
Fleur: He laughed himself into a coma last week, looking at Ron’s robe. Then he woke up and saw your beard-tie……

Dumbledore: Since when did we have Liberace play here? I thought we hired the Hex Girls?
Barty Crouch: We didn’t… that’s Ron Weasley.
-Meghan H.

*Flashing Lights*
Click on Albus and win a FREE iPod!
*Flashing Lights*

-Myra S.

Blonde Hair Through Time:
Actually blonde in your teens,
Gray in your 40’s,
White in your 100’s!
-Nikki P.

Daily Prophet: ‘Last week’s frills are this week’s tassels! Dumbledore is so fashionable!’
-Peggy S.

Fleur: Don’t look…now…but…
Dumbledore: *Looks round* Wow. That unidentified furry mammal sure gets around alot…

In order to appeal to the historical community, HP producers have decided to place pictures of historical figures into the background of various movie scenes.

The Simon Cowell Look-a-like Contest…
Simon Cowell: ‘This is ridiculous! My grandmother’s backside can do a better impression of me!’

All three:
‘Trick or curse, which is worse?
Choose wrong and you win a hearse.
If you don’t, please understand
That we’ll ship you to Azkaban!’

–Continuation of Kekelina’s caption last week–
*All thinking* ‘Ron shouldn’t have taken those fashion tips from Nearly Headless Nick…’

Mr. Crouch: *hem, hem* ‘Excuse me. Do either of you have any Gray Poupon?’

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