CC #278: Week of August 17, 2008

Week of August 17, 2008

Slughorn: …so just do the whole ‘I don’t want to put my loved ones in danger’ thing. You know, Spider-Man style? That will definitely get the Weasley girl off your ba-
Ginny: *Walks in* Hey guys!
-Amanda B.

Ginny: *Going around the table* ‘Duck, duck, duck, duck… duck… *gets to Harry* GOOSE!’ *Runs away, thinking* I knew I’d get him to chase me somehow!

Ginny: *Enters*
Slughorn: Ah, Ginevra! We were just talking about you…
*Everyone at the table chuckles knowingly*

Ginny: ‘Oh – sorry – thought this was the little sorceress’s room…’

Ginny: Umm, Mrs. Figg’s spaceship just landed in the upstairs corridor. Does anyone know how to —
Harry: I’m on it. *Runs off*

Ginny: Leavemeus Andharrius Alonus!
Harry: Um….

Ginny’s accidental appearance in the Cannibalistic Red-Head Haters Club caused a sudden re-write of the seventh book.

Ginny: All right, I’ll say what I’ve been wanting to say for years… I love my brother’s best friend!
Hermione: See, Harry, I always knew she had something for me…

Ginny really wished she hadn’t said anything; the whole room seemed to stare when she announced that she was moving Harry’s and her first kiss back to Summer of 2009.

Ginny: I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting, Professor.
Slughorn: No, no, Miss Weasley, you’re just in time! Now, WB on the other hand…

Hermione: *Whispers to Harry* So, how are you planning to ask Ginny out?
Harry: I think… I will kidnap her, take her to the dungeon and blackmail her until she says yes. *Grins cheekily*
Hermione: Why don’t you just ask her normally?
Harry: Don’t make it complicated.

As Nearly-Headless Nick floated quickly out of the room, Ginny had the creeping suspicion that she had just missed the Order’s rousing rendition of Monty Python’s ‘Knights of the Round Table.’

Ginny: Now… to your left is a fork and to your right is a spoon.
Neville: Hi, Fork.
Hermione: Hi, Spoon.
Both: *Crack up laughing*

Ginny: ‘Well, goodbye everyone! I’m going to New York to watch… I mean, to do… something…’

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