Warner Brothers releases new Half-Blood Prince trailer!

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Exclusively for fan sites for the next week, Warner Brothers has just given Potter fans a great surprise: a brand new trailer for Half-Blood Prince!

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If you want to catch it on the big screen, you can see it with the upcoming film Twilight, which hits theaters on November 21st (the same day HBP was scheduled to be released prior to the delay – see the connection here?).

UPDATE: We finished recording our live MuggleCast – thanks to everyone who participated! You can now download the podcast by updating your iTunes feed or direct downloading from the MuggleCast website. If you can't get enough of MuggleCast and Half-Blood Prince, don't forget: We'll be hosting a live podcast at Azktraz 2009 in San Francisco this July! Make sure to register for Azktraz to participate in our live podcast right after the midnight release! When you do register, please put “MuggleCast” in the referral area.

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