Comic-Con 2010: Deathly Hallows clip features dead Dumbledore, Snape meeting Voldemort, 7 Potters, more

UPDATE: Melissa from Leaky and Andrew recorded a Leaky Mug podcast to recap EVERYTHING that went on concerning Deathly Hallows today!  To download, update your MuggleCast podcast RSS feed or click here to directly download the file.  We dive into the Deathly Hallows footage that premiered today, talk about our interview with Tom Felton, and more!


The Deathly Hallows panel took place earlier today at Comic-Con 2010 and included a great new clip from the two-part finale. Check out the description in our blog below (we will have video as soon as it is available).  


Andrew covered the event live and interviewed actor Tom Felton (who says hello). You can continue to follow his tweets right here @MuggleNetLive as things wrap up.


– Clip included: shots of a dead Dumbledore, Nagini, Bellatrix holding Harry, the 7 Potters, Harry and Hagrid driving through Hogwarts, Snape meeting with Voldemort, Death Eaters congregating, Ron talking about listening to the radio, Harry and Ron\’s fight, Bellatrix going crazy and lots of shots of Harry and Hagrid on the motorbike.
– Felton: \\\”Everyone has put absolutely everything into it. Without question we\’re most excited about these films.\\\”
– Tom Felton takes the stage at Comic-Con.
– Crowd goes wild as Deathly Hallows introduced.

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