Alan Rickman discusses the “Potter” series and Snape’s twisting path

In a new interview with RTE, Alan Rickman discusses his years spent filming the Harry Potter series, and his pure admiration for the storytelling of J.K. Rowling.

On understanding the character of Severus Snape as the series moved on, he stated:

“…you’re never quite sure what the agendas are, so there’s as big a question mark over my head as I’m reading it and playing it as there is over everybody else’s, until it’s resolved. You know that the stakes are always very high for him, whatever the outcome proves to be.”

On the last film’s themes and how they resonate, he stated:

“The last film is about resolution and new beginnings. It’s a springboard to the real future of these three young people and the lives they’re going to lead. So, yeah, words like redemption and loyalty and what do you believe in and what are your values, they’re all like great neon signs over their heads as they send their kids off to Hogwarts.”

Read the entire interview right here.

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