Before and After: A unique look at the adult stars of the “Potter” series

While so much attention and hype surrounds the trio and the other young actors of the Potter series, we cannot forget about the adult supporting actors in the roles that they have played in the series. Here is a look at some of the actors and their more famous roles prior to the Harry Potter series (Click on the their name to see the before and after photos):

– Alan Rickman: Never won an Oscar (how is this possible), but is infamous for his role as super-evil villain Hans Gruber in Die Hard.
– Helena Bonham Carter: Noted roles included A Room with a View, and The wings of the Dove (which gave Helena her first Oscar nomination).
– Ralph Fiennes: His first Oscar nomination was as villain Amon Goth in Schindler’s List.
– David Thewlis: Won an acting award for his role in the bleak drama Naked, but also starred alongside Brad Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet, which got him banned from China.
– Richard Harris: Nominated for two Oscars with The Field and Camelot.
– Michael Gambon: Brilliant theater actor and was in the running to become James Bond but eventually beat out by Roger Moore.
– Dame Maggie Smith: Won two Golden Globes, an Emmy, a Tony, and two Oscars for her roles in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and California Suite.
– Gary Oldman: Hit the big time with his performance as Sex Pistols front man Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy.
– Emma Thompson: Only person to ever win an Oscar for acting (Howard’s End),  and one for writing (Sense and Sensibility).
– Kenneth Branagh: Noted for his Shakespeare adaptations to the big-screen, and one of only nine people to be nominated for Oscars in acting, writing, and directing.

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