Later this month, the Peoria Park District of Peoria, IL is hosting its final "Return to Hogwarts" festival. Dubbed as a form of "edutainment" (education + entertainment) the two-day celebration will be held in the main park district, which will be modeled after Hogwarts grounds which including its very own black lake. Find out how to get tickets here.

7th annual “Potter” celebration promises games, fun, and magic

Later this month, the Peoria Park District of Peoria, IL is hosting its seventh and final “Return to Hogwarts” celebration and festival. Unlike previous years, the party is now a two-day event held in the main park district, which will again be modeled after Hogwarts grounds (including its very own black lake). From their web site:

So what is it this event?? Well… it’s “edutainment!” Yes, that’s right. It’s education disguised as entertainment. After the students arrive, get their tickets at Gringotts Wizarding Bank and pass through platform 9 3/4, they take a magical journey around our “lake” (lagoon). They pass by the Dark Forest with its spooky sound effects, stop and chat with Aragog, the three-foot high spider, stop and take a tour of the Ministry Of Magic on the Ministry of Magic Elevator Ride, and find yourself in the middle of Arthur Weasley’s office!

The Glen Oak Amphitheatre becomes Hogwarts castle and some of the grounds surrounding Hogwarts. Once inside, there are magical classes. Don’t be fooled. Remember “edutainment?” It may be called Potions Class, but it’s really representatives from the American Chemical Society performing way-cool chemistry demonstrations. There are others like, “Care of Magical Creatures,” “Astronomy,” and “Greenhouse no.5” but I won’t spoil the surprise.

In the past, this event has drawn crowds upwards of 1500 guests and is held at Glen Oak Park in Peoria, IL. Tickets for the event are available starting Monday (Sept. 12) and the event itself runs on Friday 9/23 and Saturday 9/24. For any and all additional information, including several very entertaining videos, please visit the official web site or check them out on Facebook.

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