“Deathly Hallows – Part 2” officially Best Movie of the Summer

While this news comes as no surprise to us at MuggleNet nor the fans of the ‘Potter’ series, it is an honor to get the official tag as ‘Best Summer Movie for 2011’ according to the poll released by NextMovie.com.

Fans also voted that their favorite moment during the film was the on-screen kiss between Ron and Hermione with 49% of the votes.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has set many records along the way, which were previously reported here on MuggleNet. The movie currently sits at the Number 3 position for all-time worldwide gross at almost $1.3 Billion but also holds some of the following distinctions according to Box Office Mojo:

– Single Day: $91,071,119

– Opening Day: $91,071,119

– Single Friday: $91,071,119

– 3-Day Gross: $169,189,427

– 4-Day Gross: $187,232,508

– Opening Weekend (US): $169,189,427

– Opening Weekend (Worldwide): $483,189,427

– Opening Weekend (Foreign): $314,000,000

There are quite a few other records for the finale as well. What a great way to end the series, now we are all hoping it does well at the Academy Awards in 2012.

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