Alan Rickman shares his thoughts on the “Potter” series and Snape – FINALLY!

Update: The video can now only be watched on DailyMotion here. 

Thanks to Warner Bros. France, a new interview with Alan Rickman – the actor who brilliantly portrayed Professor Severus Snape – has been released.

Mr. Rickman has remained silent for the past decade on discussing his character portrayal of Snape as he has always treated the character with the utmost respect and integrity.

He also discusses the brilliance of the crew that built the sets, especially set designer Stuart Craig, and watching the younger cast grow up in front of him.

Speaking about how Dan, Rupert, and Emma were admittedly scared of him in real life: “There was nothing ever deliberate, but the nature of filming is that there’s little or no rehearsal, you go straight into it, and you’re starting with three 12-year-olds. I walk onto the set with black lenses in my eyes, an all-black outfit and a black wig.”

“One thing I can say for sure is that as soon as I put that costume on, something happens; you can’t be someone else inside that outline. It has an effect on me. I would also say you don’t have time because you’re looking for real concentration, and you’re trying to be as helpful to these three young people as possible. So it’s better that I’m focused and not mucking about. So I’m not surprised if they got a bit alarmed, but it was just the nature of the beast.”

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!

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