MuggleNet Throwback: Thousands queue for auditions of Cho Chang and Viktor Krum – 2004

During the first week of February of 2004, a couple of major casting calls were held for the roles of Cho Chang and Viktor Krum in which thousands of hopefuls queued in lengthy lines waiting their turn to audition.

In London, thousands of girls arrived for the role of Harry Potter’s first love interest, Cho Chang. MuggleNet posted a report describing the day’s events from one of the hopeful candidates, Shuo Zhang. The role, as we know, eventually went to Katie Leung.

Meanwhile, in Sofia, Bulgaria, hundreds of young men showed up for the auditions for the role of Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian seeker and love interest of Hermione Granger. Eventually, Stanislav Ianevski was cast for the role.

We all know that Evanna Lynch really brought the role of Luna Lovegood to life, but how do you feel that Katie and Stanislav did in their respective roles? Let us know in the comments below.

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