Hermione Granger defeats HP in Harry Potter Character March Madness tournament Finals

After three weeks of heated competition in the MuggleNet Harry Potter Character March Madness Tournament, we have our winner chosen by you, the fans: Hermione Granger!

In the Muggle March Madness, Kentucky led nearly the entire game in its victory over Kansas, and the MuggleNet March Madness was no different. Hermione Granger got off to a very quick start at the opening of the Finals and never looked back. Along with strong defensive spells by the brightest witch of her age, Hermione took to the offensive with some timely stunning spells and even threw in a complete body-bind curse to solidify her dominant performance.

We are in an age where powerful female fictional characters are definitely winning the hearts, and votes, of the fans. Congratulations to Hermione Granger, and thank you to all the fans who did a terrific job voting during this tournament.

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