New MuggleNet podcast to lead global re-reading of entire ‘Potter’ series

We’ve teased and teased but tonight we’re happy to report the game is over. We can now confirm the secret project MuggleNet has been working on titled “Alohomora!” refers to two things: 1, a brand-new section on MuggleNet where fans can discuss the books and share content like never before and 2, a new podcast hosted by MuggleNet staff plus one new guest fan per episode.

A brain-child of a few MuggleNet staff members, Alohomora! was crafted in order to address a certain need deeply felt in the fandom. As we all watched the last Deathly Hallows movie develop from the first basic stills to the epic 3D feature it became, we recognized a kind of end was near but we didn’t talk about it. Ever since there has been an ever-present sentiment among much of the fandom – that some of the magic is lost.

Alohomora! aims to take the magic back – by going back to the source. Now that we’ve read all the books, it’s time for us to go back to the start and read them all over again, but this time with a critical eye. It’s time for us to join in discussion again, swap theories, and enjoy that feeling of reading a great book alongside thousands.

Head over to our brand-new Alohomora! section, and if you like it – become a member! Get ready to explore the chapters one by one and experience Harry Potter all over again, but with a community organized online like never before.

The first episode of the new podcast comes out later this week. Myself, staff members Caleb Graves, Kat Miller and our guest fan Hope Forgey will be exploring chapters 1-3 of Sorcerer’s Stone. Make sure to read those chapters beforehand if you’ll be giving Alohomora! a listen.

Thanks to Courtney for the logo above!