Pottermore now open to the public!

Pottermore now open to the public!

Over the past few days the Harry Potter community has been getting a ton of big news, and today we’re breaking one of the biggest stories of them all.

After an exceptional wait, Pottermore is now opening to the public! Early this morning the Insider had this to say:

We’re expecting to be really busy to start with and plan to activate new registrations in a steady stream. This means that you may not get access to Pottermore immediately after you sign up but we will get you exploring the site as quickly possible.

If you’re not yet on Pottermore, you will be shortly – you will finally be sorted into your House, get to receive a wand from Ollivander, and explore all of Jo’s new written content. You’ll get to experience all this plus the new features the Pottermore team has added and will continue to add over the coming months. Excited?

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