Meet Team USA! 21 players selected for the Olympic Exhibition in the UK this Summer

Today, the International Quidditch Association has announced the 21 Muggle Quidditch players that were selected from the more than 150 nominations received that will go on to represent Team USA at the 2012 Olympic Exhibition matches in the UK.

Team USA members:

  • Lawrence Lazewski (Chaser) – Michigan State University
  • Jared Sipe (Keeper) – University of Minnesota
  • Tyler Macy (Seeker) – Ball State University
  • Matthew Ziff (Beater) – University of Miami
  • Sean Pagoada (Chaser/Seeker) – University of South Florida
  • Kedzie Chase Teller (Chaser) – Boston University
  • Allison Gillette (Beater) – Emerson College
  • Jessica Klein (Chaser/Seeker) – NY Badassilisks
  • Missy Sponagle (Chaser) – UCLA
  • Billy Greco (Seeker) – Villanova University
  • James Hicks (Keeper) – University of Maryland
  • Michael “Yada” Prada (Chaser) – Penn State University
  • Zach D’Amico (Chaser) – Villanova University
  • Brad Armentor (Chaser) – Louisiana State University
  • Mollie Lensing (Beater) – Texas A & M University
  • Augustine Monroe (Keeper) – University of Texas
  • Melissa White (Chaser) – Louisiana State University
  • Sarah “Phantom” Kneiling (Beater) – Louisiana State University
  • Vanessa Goh (Chaser) – UCLA
  • Willie Jackson (Keeper) – Arizona State University
  • August Danger Luhrs (Chaser) – USC

Additionally, the IQA announced reserve players, Snitches, and referees that will be heading to the UK. We will also announce the representatives from the UK and Australia as soon as they are available to us.

Please congratulate all of the selections and wish them well as they represent the best of Muggle Quidditch.

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