“The Battle of Hogwarts” documentary film by Nicholas Acosta is released

Today, May 2, 2012, marks the 14 Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts in which good triumphed over evil and the Dark Lord fell at the hands of Harry Potter.

What a better way to commemorate this day than a current look at some of the witches and wizards that were in the final battle.

A gripping documentary directed by Nicholas Acosta interviews those individuals who were on that battlefield, as well as an exclusive sit down with a former Death Eater, Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas and others involved with the Battle that would shape the future of the wizarding world.

[excerpts from ‘The Battle of Hogwarts’ documentary]:

“I was wrong, and I hope for forgiveness. People must understand… most of us had no choice. He threatened our friends, our families. If you fought with him… you died. Simple as that. I only did what was necessary.”

“Oh, they were very sweet, very happy people – the Potters. They adored that boy, and were such a happy family…”

“We were given these. The serial numbers changed to reflect the date of the next meeting. Neville still has his… shows it to his students from time to time. I keep it to remind myself of what I was part of – something that should never be forgotten.

Now, you can watch this entire 49 minute documentary on ‘The Battle of Hogwarts’ for free on YouTube.

Let us know what you think on the film in the comments below.

Please Note: This is not the same documentary that we have been promoting from Sunnymeade Films. That one is still to-be-released this summer.

myHogwarts will be screening this special documentary on Livestream tonight at 8:00 pm EDT. Fans will be given the opportunity to discuss the film during the Livestream. Head over to the Facebook Page for more information!

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