LeakyCon 2012 recap – one of the best “Harry Potter” conventions ever!

The MuggleNet staff was in full force during this past weekend’s festivities at LeakyCon 2012, which was held at the Chicago Hilton hotel in Chicago, Illinois. While there is no possible way to recap the entire weekend, as there was just too much going on each day, we wanted to recap a few of the moments shared by attendees.

On Friday morning, MuggleCast kicked off our involvement with a great episode that was just released. A couple of the “surprises” included the guest appearance of Ben Schoen, who was as comical as always, and a special birthday surprise for our own Micah Tannenbaum. A card designed by Josee Leblanc, which was signed by hundreds of attendees, and a birthday cake and song. Be sure to check out the latest episode today.

The Alohomora! team was certainly busy with a Scavenger Hunt that took place all day Friday, a round table discussion, and a presentation by Noah Fried, among many other team activities.

The MuggleNet staff interviewed star attendees including Lev Grossman, the MinaLima team, and many more. We will share these interviews with you as soon as possible.

MuggleNet’s Keith Hawk and friend Josee Leblanc ended up winning Best Craftmanship for the LeakyCon Costume Contest as Professor Dumbledore and Fawkes the Phoenix.

A Guinness Book of World Records was established on Friday night (early Saturday morning), as 622 attendees showed up in a footy-pajama party that was organized by Kristina Horner. Congratulations on setting the World Record!

Lastly, the announcement we have all been waiting for came during the opening and closing feasts. When will the next LeakyCon be held? Well, it turns out that there will be TWO LeakyCon’s in 2013. the first one will be in Portland, Oregon in the United States during the last weekend of June. Tickets will go on sale September 1 and will be at an unbelievably low price. But the special announcement of the weekend, was that Alohomora 2013 in the UK will become an official LeakyCon 2013 UK event as the teams from Alohomora! and Leaky will combine forces to bring the first massive Harry Potter convention to the home of The Boy Who Lived. More details on these conventions will be made available at a later date.

We encourage all of the Harry Potter fans and MuggleNet fans out there to try their best to attend one of these great productions. LeakyCon 2013 and LeakyCon 2013 UK will be an event that you will NOT want to miss next year.

Tell us what your favorite event at LeakyCon 2012 was this past weekend in the comments below.

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