New Video Clip from “Perks of Being a Wallflower” starring Emma Watson

MTV News kicked off their annual Fall Movie Preview with a new clip from the soon-to-be-released film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which stars Harry Potter heroine Emma Watson. MTV also interviewed the author/director Stephen Chbosky who shared his insights into the film.

MTV News: In taking on this project, from writing the book, then the screenplay and then making your feature film directorial debut, did you have any hesitations? What were the conversations like with the studio in getting things off the ground?

Chbosky: Chbosky: I had no hesitations; I just had to wait to be ready. The book was so personal to me and I needed the time to get the distance, to work on my craft and learn from others. And then once I was ready, there was no hesitations I knew I was going to make this movie and I didn’t develop the script I just wrote it on my own on spec and then from the script I got the producers, from the producers we got Emma [Watson] and then we auditioned Logan and then we went to Summit. By the time we reached the studio, there was no hesitation, they were really excited about the project and they gave us the green light.

MTV News: What were the first days like on set? When did you start to see the actors gel?

Chbosky: In the way movie schedules work now, there wasn’t a lot of rehearsal period. The auditions become the rehearsal, and I just tried to create an atmosphere, maybe not so much on set because that was all about the work, but off set, where – for example, I’ll never forget the first day I brought Emma, Logan and Ezra and myself together. We had a beautiful dinner over the city, then I took them for the first time to the tunnel, I took them through playing this song called “Happiness” by Riceboy Sleeps and that was our bonding experience. Ezra and Emma bonded by learning all the dance moves to Rocky Horror for the homecoming dance. And then, as we introduced each castmember came to Pittsburgh to start doing their work, the kids just found each other and they made the Crowne Plaza hotel – which was literally 150 yards from the mall where I used to shop as a kid – they made it like a dorm, and they got in a lot of trouble.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower opens in theaters on September 14.

Are you excited to see this tremendous book come to life on the big screen, especially since it stars Emma Watson? Let us know in the comments below.

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