J.K. Rowling discusses “The Casual Vacancy”, its potential for film adaptation, and more with USA Today

J.K. Rowling discusses “The Casual Vacancy”, its potential for film adaptation, and more with USA Today

In a new interview conducted by USA Today, J.K. Rowling talked in-depth about what we can expect in her upcoming novel, The Casual Vacancy. The author also discussed her testimony at the Leveson inquiry, participation in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, finishing the Harry Potter books, what she will publish next, and more.

Commenting about the reception of her new book outside the UK:

“I think there’s a possibility that some people will not enjoy the book. It is a very English book, and it needs to be a very English book, because I’m talking very specifically about a society I know very well.

“I do think the themes in the book do translate across any national border because ultimately we’re talking about our human responsibility, whether you think we should all be entirely self-reliant and people sink or swim, or you think we should be extending a helping hand and whether that should come from government and so on. And these are very contemporary themes in a lot of countries, particularly in the financial mess in which we find ourselves.”

On whether she thinks the book can be adapted into a film:

“Personally, I don’t think this is a very filmable book. That is one of the things I like about it. I think it’s a very novelly novel in that a lot of what goes on happens internally. You need to understand what’s going on inside people’s heads. So even though a lot happens in the novel, part of the appeal of it for me is that so much of it happens in people’s interior life, and film isn’t necessarily the best medium to portray that.”

When asked about the low-key launch of the book:

“As much as is possible I wanted this to be a normal book publication. Some of the furor that surrounded a Harry Potter publication was fun. I always loved meeting readers. I always loved doing events where I got to speak to readers, but some of it, candidly, wasn’t fun at all.

“The thing took on a life of its own. Some of it was just sheer insanity, and I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t rein it in. Incredible as it is to look back on it, I’m never going to be chasing that again. It was an amazing time, but it was also often stressful, and it felt like a massive weight of expectation. This is a very different kind of book, and I’m very happy that we’re just doing it differently.”

The full article can be read here.

The Casual Vacancy will be released on September 27.

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