Video clip of J.K. Rowling in upcoming interview with Australian journalist Jennifer Byrne

One week from today, the first adult novel by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling titled, The Casual Vacancy, will be released around the world. Will the book be a literary success or will it fail with public and critic sentiment? You be the judge.

In the meantime, MuggleNet and news outlets around the world will be covering the media frenzy that will surely follow the author. And we start today with a small video clip that was released by Australia’s ABC television, which you can watch above.

J.K. Rowling sat down for several interviews surrounding the release of The Casual Vacancy, but most of these interviews will not be released until next week, just hours after the official release of 8:00 a.m. BST. In the video above, Australian journalist Jennifer Byrne asks Rowling if she is nervous for the release of her new book. Rowling states, “I am as thin skinned as all other writers.”

American journalist Cynthia McFadden has also sat down with the author and, as we previously reported, this interview will air on Wednesday, September 26 on Good Morning America, World News with Diane Sawyer, and Nightline on US television. Additional portions of the interview will air on Thursday, September 27.

MuggleNet will be following these interviews closely and will bring them to you as soon as we can.

You can get all of our latest information surrounding The Casual Vacancy in our section right here.

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