Video Interview: Daniel Radcliffe talks ‘The F Word’ film and being in the ‘friend zone’

Daniel Radcliffe – who portrayed the title character in all of the Harry Potter films – was interviewed recently on Canada’s CTV eTalk to discuss his film The F Word which he is currently filming in Toronto. He will be filming through the end of the month in Canada, before flying to Ireland to finish the film.

Dan was asked during the interview if he spoke to Emma recently, since her film premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower was recently held close to where he was filming, “No, the two films that I really wanted to see were ‘Perks’ and ‘Place Beyond the Pines.’ But I do feel like if I was to turn up at any of the ‘Perks’ premieres, the media would turn it into a Potter event again.”

Dan also tells CTV what it’s like to be in Canada as well as entering the “friend zone” with women. Dan stated, “There’s definitely one friend that I have who there was certainly a moment where something might have happened with us and now I’m so, so glad it didn’t. She’s one of my best friends.”

Shortly after he finishes filming The F Word, Dan will be traveling to Vancouver to film his next project, Horns.

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