‘Wizard’s Collection’ released in UK today – new video clips available here

The most comprehensive collection of Harry Potter merchandise in one package – the Wizard’s Collection – has been released today in the UK. This collection includes hours upon hours of new features including behind-the-scenes footage. To celebrate this monumental box set we have four brand new behind the scenes clips, including an exclusive interview piece with J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe and a behind the scenes clip showing how Rupert Grint just couldn’t stop laughing on set!

Three other new video clips are available here:

MuggleNet has provided two reviews on the collection, which can be read here (Micah in the US) and here (Rosie in the UK).

For all of the information we have on the Wizard’s Collection just go right here and click under the “Wizard’s Collection” tab.

The set can be purchased online right here!

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