Boston University defeats Emerson College to win the Northeast Regional Championships in Muggle Quidditch

MuggleNet Snitchcenter was on location with MuggleNet’s own field reporter and photographer Kat Miller at the Northeast Regional Championships that took place this weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. The event was an official International Quidditch Association tournament between 24 teams and provided wining bids for 11 of those teams to move on to the Quidditch World Cup that takes place next April in Kissimmee, Florida.

MuggleNet Snitchcenter will provide all of the scores and news from the tournament over the next week along with some amazing photographs. But the main story is the final match that just occurred between Boston University and Emerson College, which were ranked 5th and 12th in the world respectively.

Photo of Boston University provided by @IQAquidditch, click on HERE for full size image of the Northeast Regional Champions.

MuggleNetLive had full coverage of the final match, which included a false snitch snatch, but in the end Boston University caught the snitch and ended the game winning by a final score of 150-80. Hofstra University (ranked 10th in the world) came in 3rd place.

You can check out all of the latest Muggle Quidditch news, and world rankings right here in MuggleNet SnitchCenter. If you have never been to a Muggle Quidditch tournament you don’t know what you are missing. Find a local Quidditch team near you by visiting the IQA website.

Congratulations to Boston University and all of the participating teams!

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