“Harry Potter” actors filming movie scenes for theme parks

Yes, there will be a new Harry Potter movie, but you will have to go see this one at one of the Harry Potter theme parks!

According to The Sun, several actors including Helena Bonham Carter – who portrayed Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter film series – have been back in character recently to film a new “mini-movie” for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks.

While the article does not specify where the film will be shown, this editor is predicting it to be part of the new Hogwarts Express ride that will take visitors from the new rumored Diagon Alley area to the current Islands of Adventure where Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle currently reside.

It was rumored previously that while the Hogwarts Express would appear very realistic on the inside with narrow walkways down one side of the train and individual doors leading to separate compartments and a pair of face-to-face seating benches similar to the films, the train windows would also be a movie screen, presumably to provide the passenger the appearance of traveling across the Scottish mountains. This seems to be the ideal ride to have a few Death Eaters like Bellatrix attack the train and provide additional entertainment.

The expansion area in Florida is still only in the “rumor” stages, as Universal and Warner Brothers have been tight lipped about what exactly they are building, but recent pictures do all but confirm that a Gringotts Bank cart ride is being built in the new area along with Diagon Alley. The current plans call for this expansion are to be open to the public in 2014, and we will be sure to bring you all of the information on the theme park news as it happens.

Additionally, these “mini-movies” could also be shown at the new parks currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood (scheduled to open in 2014) and Universal Studios Japan (scheduled to open in 2016).

A source for The Sun confirmed, “The cast have really enjoyed getting back together – they are so tight-knit. The shooting schedule is nowhere near as long as the films, so though filming has been intense, the stars have enjoyed being able to pop in and out.”

As more news of this filming occurs, we will be sure to bring it to you directly.

Does this news sound exciting to you? Are you anxious to see what the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion will be like in Florida? Or are you more excited for the new Wizarding World in California and Japan? Let us know in the comments below.

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