“Harry Potter” films are best way to help the world learn English

A recent International study by Kaplan International Colleges, a leading provider of English courses, revealed that the best way to learn English around the globe is by watching the eight Harry Potter films.

You can view the entire infographic from Kaplan right here.

According to MarketWatch:

The study showed that 79% of people said that watching films helped them to understand English better and the wizarding adventures of Harry Potter were the most popular movies for enhancing language learning.

The study also showed that those individuals who used the Harry Potter films to help them learn English were more likely to want to travel to the United Kingdom to study the language.

Kaplan International Colleges is part of Kaplan, Inc., an international education services provider offering higher education, professional training, and test preparation. Kaplan is a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company.

MuggleNet Academia approached this same subject in a recent Academia podcast, when professional linguist Josee Leblanc stated that reading the Harry Potter books could help you learn a foreign language. If your native tongue is English and you wish to learn a foreign language, read the Harry Potter series in that language.

What language would you to learn by using the Harry Potter series? Let us know in the comments below.

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