Secrets Were Revealed with our MuggleNet exclusive report from the WB Studio Tour

Yesterday, the MuggleNet team was invited to attend a very special event at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter in Watford, England. MuggleNet Staff members Rosie Morris and Claire Furner were the lucky ones selected to attend this event that was titled “Secrets Will Be Revealed”.

Secrets were revealed on several occassions during the tour that started at noon. To start with, the one-millionth customer was greeted enthusiastically by members of the Studio Tour and special guest Mark Williams – who portrayed Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Ironically, the one-millionth customer was from a town called Dudley.

Next up, Rosie and Claire were escorted into the most beautiful Great Hall set, fully decorated overnight by the incredible staff including set designer Stephanie McMillan and Rosie Goodwin, and special effects supervisor John Richardson.

Read the full exclusive report by Rosie and Claire, along with all of our other WB Studio Tour reports, simply head on over to the WB Studio Tour section right here.

On behalf of the staff and the fans of MuggleNet, thank you Warner Bros. for an excellent production and special invitation to the Christmas Gift event.

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