Be a part of “The Harry Potter Journey” e-book – discover the journey of Rowling’s creation

The Harry Potter Journey website is taking its discoveries to e-book form, and you can now be a part of this journey.

What is The Harry Potter Journey about? The Harry Potter Journey started off as a website that chronicles the hidden story of author J.K. Rowling’s inspirations and adventures that helped to form the complete Harry Potter landscape. These inspirations became the essential backstory of the author as she went on to create the most popular fictional storyline in the history of literature.

Here are a couple of reviews about the project:

Incredible! This is truly the best online resource about the books I’ve ever seen – much better than Rowling’s own anemic efforts, in my opinion. This, combined with the Lexicon and John Kerns’s Harry Potter Companion, creates the ultimate Harry Potter resource for those who want to focus on the books.

Steve Vander Ark, creator of The Harry Potter Lexicon

I’ve read this first proof earlier today, and I absolutely love it! It has been really entertaining to read, and I even learnt things about the first book’s history. I can’t wait to read more.

Laurent Garcia, proof-reader

After watching the video above you can find out how you can help by heading over to the Indiegogo website and contributing to this fantastic project.

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