Did you miss the 2013 MuggleNet “Harry Potter Oscars Show”? Watch the recording now

If you were unable to join us today for the 2013 MuggleNet Harry Potter Oscar Announcement Ceremony, you can now watch it at your leisure.We certainly had a great time putting these awards together and hope everyone who watched it enjoyed it too.

The Academy Awards overlooked the most successful franchise in the history of the cinema, as the Harry Potter franchise was nominated for several awards over the years but never actually won. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and have Harry Potter win EVERY award.

There are certain people that contributed to the show that we certainly want to thank:

  • Kat Miller – Producer and overall coordinator
  • Laura Reilly – Creator of Every Nomination video
  • Jon Rosenthall – Technical Director for the show
  • Hosts: Keith Hawk, Laura Medicoff, Caleb Graves, Claire Furner, Laura Reilly & Eric Scull
  • And you, the fans, for all of your votes

The winner for the Harry Potter Oscar Ballot Contest is Jacob Z. from Memphis, Tennessee. Congratulations!

Thank you again for all of you for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed the show!

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