MuggleNet Fan Fiction celebrates the submission of its 10,000th story

MNFF, MuggleNet’s very own fan fiction community, today received its 10,000th submission as writer and site moderator ToBeorNotToBeAGryffindor submitted their latest piece, Laid to Rest. Rather fittingly, this piece is the last in the Hollow Soldiers series, following the lives of some of the students after the Battle of Hogwarts. It promises to be a great read and a brilliant example of life after the books.

MuggleNet Fan Fiction now boasts of 10,000 stories and over 30,000 chapters written by more than 3,900 authors during eight years ‘of truly amazing fiction and friendship’. Once again the fans prove that the magic of Potter lives on.

To find other MNFF works, head over to the site for a range of reads as well as details of how to submit your own stories.

As we celebrate this landmark, we would love to hear if you have helped us reach this number. How many works have you submitted? Any recommendations for first time fan fic readers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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