Filming ends on “Super Clyde” pilot shoot, starring Rupert Grint

Shooting wrapped at the end of March on CBS pilot Super Clyde, starring Rupert Grint in the titular role but not before a number of set photos made their way online.

The images, featured on JFX Online, include a range of shots of Rupert filming as well as number of him relaxing on set, joking around and making the women next to him laugh rather hysterically.

As ever, Twitter made its contribution with various filming updates including some rather sneeky set pictures while Grint’s co-stars commented on filming the pilot. Stephen Fry and Justin Lope both spoke of their enthusiam for the ‘fun’ project while Rupert’s younger self, played by Stanley Miller, tweeted a picture of himself with the Potter star.

It will probably be a while before we know if Super Clyde will get picked up for a series, but we have our fingers crossed for Rupert and for what appears to be a great new show.


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