Caption Contest: The Trio’s Last Stand

What if the trio had decided to train a little bit more for their role in The Final Battle against Voldemort? What if they enlisted the help of someone like, say… Arnold Schwarzenegger? What would Arnie have to say about our Wizarding friends’ plight? Well, you tell us! YOU write the caption!

As with last week’s contest, this month we are mashing up Harry Potter with other popular media in our caption contest images, and will continue to do so through the duration of Maniacal May. This monthly feature is not a new thing – in fact, there are 14 entire “maniacal” months archived in our caption contest archive! This week, we have placed the trio into the latest Schwarzenegger flick, The Last Stand.

Head on over to the Caption Contest Main Page and click on “Entry Form” to submit your entry for this week’s contest. Alternately you can view FAQs, read last week’s winners, and check out past winners (of all time) through the archive. Happy captioning!

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