“Harry Potter” Pez dispensers to be released in 2015

In a Fox News Exclusive, Pez CEO Joseph Vittoria revealed that there will be a Harry Potter Pez collection released in 2015.

From the Fox News story:

“I’ll give you one for 2015,” speaking about which new Pez dispensers are on the horizon. “It’s taken me about five years to get it. And that’s Harry Potter.” He didn’t detail what it would look like only that “J.K. Rowling definitely will be involved.”

Vittoria says they’ve already begun designing the Harry Potter dispensers. Like other limited-edition sets, all 250,000 of the dispensers designed like the boy wizard will be numbered.

Thanks to Snitch Seeker for the tip!

Are you excited for Harry Potter Pez? Which characters would you like to see? Do you hope they design the dispensers based on the actors’ appearances, or would you like to see a new design? Let us know in the comments!