MinaLima presents “The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films: An Exhibition”

Minalima exhibition

In a quiet part of London, just off Tottenham Court Road, the Coningsby Gallery holds an exhibition that would set every Potter fan’s heart fluttering.

For two weeks only, the beautiful artworks of the HP films designed by friends of MuggleNet MinaLima, are on display for fans to experience all the tiny details you are unlikely to have ever caught on screen.

Whether it’s the actual articles of the Daily Prophet, the individual labels for potion ingredients, or the wonderful designs for every item in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, these prints are a must see – and, if you can afford them, a perfect purchase to adorn your walls!

MuggleNet attended last night’s private view – guests of which included actors Helena Bonham Carter and Helen McCrory! – and were able to get a good look at all the magnificent pieces on sale. So if you should find yourself in the vicinity, pop inside and see if you too can spot the details that we caught, and more:

  • Your zodiac information on every copy of the Daily Prophet
  • The ingredient labels found in Slughorn’s potions cabinet
  • The poster for Weasley’s Skiving Snackboxes, which will look very familiar to anyone with the Wizard’s Collection DVD boxset…
  • The beautiful cover of Triwizard Tragedies, 32nd Edition


  • MinaLima’s own mythical creature logo, wonderfully hidden in each WWW product.

The Graphic Artwork of the Harry Potter Films exhibition is free to view and is running until June 29, 2013. For more details check out the gallery’s site and to purchase any items online, visit the Printorium.

If you’re unable to make it to the gallery, Miraphora and Eduardo will be at LeakyCon in both Portland and London this year. They love meeting the wonderful community of Potter fans so don’t be afraid to say hello!

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