Twitter Round Up: Redheads and Recommendations

Making of the most Twitter’s power for sharing and caring, the Potter bunch were making recommendations left right and centre this week, beginning with Evanna and an incredibly popular article from the New Statesman.

BBC Radio 4 released a feature on LeakyCon, causing contention amongst certain attendees. The full debate can be read in the responses to the following tweet.

If you’re not up for reading or listening, why not try some theatre?

For all our meateating readers, Rankin has a suggestion of where to spend your hard-earned cash!

And finally, what Twitter round up would be complete without some form of self-promotion…

To wrap up, lets all wish a very Happy Birthday to Mr Grint.

Hope you’ve enjoyed his week’s round. If you have seen, read or listened to any of the above recommendations, share with us your thoughts on them in the comments section below.

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