Warner Bros. to shut down the “Harry Potter” Forum boards after 10 years of operation

Warner Bros. has just announced that the forum boards, created over 10 years ago for the purpose of discussing the Harry Potter series with fans around the world, will be shutting down.

There was a Global Announcement on the boards stating the following:

Dear Witches, Wizards, squibs, muggles & magical creatures,

For well over a decade, the Harry Potter Dialogue Centre has been home to a wonderfully diverse group of people from all over the world who all share the love of the Harry Potter series. Bonds have been made, opinions shared, conspiracies argued and ever lasting friendships created.

Which is why we want to bring our fans together in a single place. We have been updating and maintaining the Harry Potter Facebook Page with regularity and think this dynamic community is a great place for the Harry Potter fans to interact, get the latest information and updates on Harry Potter.

To this end; we will be closing down the Harry Potter Dialog Centre on Monday, August 5.

We would like to invite you all to join us on the Harry Potter Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/harrypottermovie

Were you a member of this board with Warner Bros.? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to J. for the tip!

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  • Emma

    I totally just had a nostalgic moment thinking about the Harry Potter fan fiction I used to write/read as a teenager so went in search of the Harry Potter Dialogue Centre (couldn’t remember what it was called so had to google lol). I’m actually really sad it’s gone! Although to be fair, considering I was 11 when I first started going on there and I am now 25 it isn’t really surprising lol. I loved it though. I lived and died on the fanfic part of the forum. I even made a couple very very good friends that I am still in contact with to this day. I’m a bit late considering it was closed over a year ago, but it truly is an end of an era! X

    • whispered_ lies/ forgetmenots

      I too am sad that this closed. I was ill for a while and unable to get on and discovered when I went back that it had been closed. I only wish I had had the opportunity to gather some information from other friends that I have now lost complete contact with. It’s sad it shut down. So many beautiful writers were left without a home. It wasn’t just a site for news about HP it was a home for fan fiction writers.

    • Steph

      I am 25 too and I was 11 when I started going on the boards. Literally some of the best discussions i’ve ever had online were on these boards. Oh how i’d kill to read them again/

  • Mad-Eye’s_Legacy

    Shoot. I spent better than nine years on that site and met some amazing people. I just found out about the closing because I wanted to see how the site was doing. Right in the childhood.

  • sagegrey

    This is incredibly sad. I wrote on the boards starting at age 10… It’s how I met friends, discussed ideas, developed creative writing skills, and even learned how to type so quickly. Nothing like a 2-3 paragraph minimum to encourage that. Just kind of started looking for it to see if I could look at it again, see what everyone was up to only to find it gone. (sigh) It’s quite upsetting.

  • Joey__

    No way! I am with everyone else, the shutting down of the website was news to me! I was roughly 10/11 years old at the time I went on the boards! Wow, I honestly cannot believe it has been that long. ūüôĀ

  • HarleyQuinnxo

    My hear just broke, where will i go for my roleplays now? Im very sad that im late to this party, i just thought, it’s been like 3 years lets go see whats going on there, and this is what i find! </3

  • kenzee

    I’m still heartbroken over this. Every few months I scour the internet in hopes that a band of long-lost HP Board orphans have found a new home… I’ve never had any luck.

  • ladygrace

    really upset i was so apart of this board for as long as i could remember. i miss going on it and talking it up with some of my friends let alone rping with some wonderful people.

  • Meg Moody

    How sad, I was telling my children about it. Met some wonderful people and fantastic writers. Meg Moody