Brandy brings her dream to life with wedding photos inspired from “Harry Potter”

Brandy and Ricky tied the knot on September 7, 2013.

Yet when discussing her wedding theme, Brandy knew there was something equally as important as getting the right dress or even working out guest seatings. She said, “I knew that the one thing I wanted represented by my bridal portraits was my love for reading in general and especially my love for Harry Potter.” Proving her resourcefulness, Brandy immediately set out to get her hands on locations that bore striking resemblance to several breathtaking features of the Hogwarts grounds. According to Brandy,

… the forest with the lake in the background resembles the Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake, while the “castle” (really an old cathedral) is my stand-in Hogwarts! I had so much fun with this shoot, and Kevin [the photographer] really took the time to make sure I got every shot I wanted and spent so much effort finding just the perfect location for my shoot. I think these photos definitely reflect my personality.

Congratulations to Brandy and Ricky. We wish you a happy marriage, and may you always find the time to express your love for all things Potter.

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