Trailer for “About Time”, plus “Digital Spy” interview with Domhnall Gleeson

Digital Spy released a video interview with Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams for the November 1 US release of Richard Curtis’s About Time, and we also found a great trailer for the movie.

As reported late last month, Domhnall takes on a leading man romantic role opposite Rachel McAdams. The chemistry between the actors was evident in this interview as they talked about their experiences on set, where director Richard Curtis reportedly wanted to work with “nice people.” Domhnall describes the atmosphere of the set as full of baked goods, warmth, and love, while Rachel said that they had “no time for meanies.”

Running with the theme of time travel from the movie, Domhnall wishes that he could return to the first day on the Harry Potter set, where he missed the mark with his accent and instead of going Irish, he went Australian.

“I messed that up. The director like, stopped and was like, “Domhnall, you’ve gone full Australian,” and I was like, [in Australian accent] “No, I know, mate, its cool,” but it was really, really bad. It was really bad. So I would go back and just not do that.”

About Time also stars Bill Nighy (Rufus Scrimgeour), who plays the father of Domhnall’s character, Tim. To watch the entire interview, visit Digital Spy.

What did you think of the chemistry between Rachel and Domhnall, and does it make you want to see the movie?

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