Work in theatre sent Sir Michael Gambon to the hospital in 2009

In an interview with the Times published this week, Sir Michael Gambon revealed that the stress of memorizing lines for a large role in The Habit of Art led to a stay at the hospital for testing when he couldn’t remember his lines. The scare ultimately cost him the role, which was recast with Harry Potter alumnus Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley).

The actor, who will turn 73 in October, attributes these incidents to aging and admits that because of this, it would be “dangerous” for him to continue in theatre.

It was a really major, big part. I think I got so frightened that I collapsed. They did all sorts of tests of me, and they couldn’t find a thing.

We certainly hope that while he may not feel comfortable in the theatre, Sir Michael will continue to grace both the small and large screens in other television and film roles. Show him your support by leaving your thoughts below!

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