11 Reasons Harry Would Make a Poor IT Pro

11 Reasons Harry Would Make a Poor IT Pro

What’s that? Your computer has crashed?

  1. Pet owl would attack computer mice and leave deposits on keyboards
  2. Wand might misfire at annual meeting, killing shareholders
  3. Invisibility cloak would hide him from users, management
  4. He’d keep slapping servers and yelling, “Reparium Serviosa!”
  5. He’d replace data-center door with portrait of password-hungry fat lady
  6. Flame under cauldron would set off fire-suppression system
  7. He’d behave too much like a manager, waving his wand and expecting results
  8. He’d write all his command-line interfaces in Latin
  9. He’d keep trying to link PCs via Floo Network
  10. Server-room Quidditch. ‘Nuff said
  11. Would you leave a whiny teenager with identity issues alone in your data center?

Sourced from: NetworkComputing

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