Three Broomsticks editorial: “Headmasters in the canon”

In this most recent editorial found within the comfortable confines of the Three Broomsticks, our favorite editorialist – affectionately known as hpboy13 – has come up with a clever discussion on the Headmasters of Hogwarts and what we should come to expect, or hope to see, within the new Fantastic Beasts film series.

The editorial starts off with a full-length discussion about what exactly canon is. While hpboy13 shares his viewpoint on the canon of Harry Potter, some – including this writer in particular – will argue the contents of what exactly IS within the canon of the Hogwarts saga, though we can save that argument over another article or perhaps a rebuttal of sorts.

However, the foundation that this editorial titled  “Headmasters in the Canon” provides of who exactly was the Headmaster of Hogwarts within the Fantastic Beasts timeline was very well thought out. This particular writer agrees with the editorialist, hpboy13, that while the movies of the Harry Potter series show Newt Scamander with his own Hogwarts Headmaster portrait on the wall, this is a major discrepancy and a “laugh” by the film producers, “much as they did putting crew members’ names on the gravestones in Movie 4 – and not intending to be taken seriously.”

Be sure to read this wonderful piece and all of the other editorials within the Three Broomsticks, and feel free to let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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