A Journey Through Time
Song Parodies

A Journey Through Time

A Journey Through Time

(to the tune of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by William B. Sandys.)

The clock within the tower
Chimed at ten o’clock.
“Remember you must not be seen
Or else it’s all for naught.
Two lives can be saved tonight
Please keep that in mind.
Ms. Granger, three should be good,
No more than that.
Three turns should do the trick.”

Outside of Hagrid’s hut
Is quite a sad scene.
The hippogriff named Buckbeak
Lay ready for his fate.
For he is sentenced to death
By beheading.
Maybe he’s to be saved this night,
Who else is there?
Maybe he is to be saved this night.

Within the tallest tower
Lay Sirius Black.
The infamous Prisoner
Of Azkaban
He’s to be given the Kiss
By the Dementors.
What a fate to be given to him,
Oh woe is he,
What a fate to be given to him.

And now here comes the wicked part
Of how this all fits in.
Harry and Hermione
Come barging within
Riding on the back of Buckbeak,
They save the day,
Now Sirius and Buckbeak can go.
Into the night,
Now Sirius and Buckbeak can go.

Now Harry and Sirius
Have a heart to heart
About what the future holds.
And what took place,
“You truly are your father’s son
He would have done the same
Why did it have to happen to him?
I’ll kill the rat!
Why did it have to happen to him?”
Suddenly they realized
That they had to go.
With one quick slap on Buckbeak’s rump,
Sirius took to the sky.
And Harry and ’Mione
Ran back inside
To Ron and his broken leg
In the Hospital,
To Ron and his broken leg.

Poor Ron he didn’t know
What just had happened.
He saw his friends right there
But then they disappeared.
“But, you were just here!
And now you’re there! What’s going on?
How can someone be at two points at once?”
That’s just not right!
How can someone be at two points at once?

Submitted by: London

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