Pottermore reveals Gilderoy Lockhart exclusive clips and more!

It’s been a busy few days for Potter fans with all the new information coming out of the “Celebration of Harry Potter” event in Orlando. Now, Pottermore has added new exclusives to the mix, revealing several exciting new clips and treats for all Potter fans!

Firstly, three exclusive clips were revealed to all at the event of J.K. Rowling talking about Gilderoy Lockhart and his past. Pottermore Insider states that

… J.K. Rowling discusses this flamboyant character’s family background, his failed business idea and where the Sorting Hat nearly put him during his time at Hogwarts. The audio reveals her mischievous sense of humour as she pokes fun at the excesses of celebrity, with echoes of today’s celebrity endorsement culture.

And most excitingly, these clips will be available on Pottermore in the next few days for everyone who didn’t get to be at the event this weekend!

But if you can’t wait that long, the clips are available NOW at The Guardian and Entertainment Weekly!

Secondly, a video was released at the event, which shows exactly how a Moment gets created, from its inception to its final design. The video demonstrates this by using the Moment “Snape’s Dark Mark,” which will be featured in Chapter 36 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when the final installment of the book is released. Tom Hodgson, the creative director of Pottermore, explained more about the video to the audience:

I’m going to use this Moment to demonstrate our thought process when blocking out the scene and the positioning of the characters: As we have shown the hospital wing several times before – Harry always seems to end up there! – we concentrated on choosing an interesting angle that we have not seen before. We knew how we wanted the room to look – its dimensions, the windows, the bed, the flagstone floor – so the challenge was how to present and position the many characters in the scene. We spent a lot of time blocking it out – establishing where the different characters might be that made sense in terms of the scene… […] We painted two options for Bill – one on the bed and one on the edge of the scene. After some debate, we decided that the bed wasn’t the way to go [because] the bedside was getting very crowded with Bill, Sirius and Harry all jostling for space. We moved Madam Pomfrey because she was obscuring Bill’s ponytail, and once Harry’s positioning was correct we could place Padfoot in a protective pose.

Watch a video of how a Moment is created below:

And finally, Pottermore has released exclusive house-themed desktop backgrounds for all users to show their house colors on computers, smartphones, and tablets. The backgrounds are available on the Pottermore Insider to download now!

Have you checked out Gilderoy’s backstory already? What do you think? Let us know what you think about these exclusives in the comments!