Bonnie Wright discusses upcoming role, “Potter”, and Oxfam Mother Appeal in new interview

Bonnie Wright discusses upcoming role, “Potter”, and Oxfam Mother Appeal in new interview

In a new interview with the London Evening Standard, Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) has spoken about her upcoming roles and her involvement in Oxfam’s Mother Appeal, which we posted about recently. As part of the appeal, Bonnie and her mother are

“encouraging people to host an event and raise money to help mothers worldwide lift themselves and their families out of poverty for good.”

About her trip to Senegal in 2012, Bonnie said,

“You know you’re making videos to share their stories, but to feel they’re going to be helped long-term is difficult. The main hospital was oversubscribed; all these people needed help, but it was too late. That was the hardest thing – you wanted to give them hope, but at the same time their situation was so desperate.

I met a woman called Dianasa and her husband, who come from generations of farmers. These floods meant her husband had to go to town and find other work. I saw how one person is forced into an unknown environment, and their morale is completely pulled down. That stuck with me.”

Bonnie also spoke about how she ended up getting role of Ginny Weasley, which started when her older brother

“told me I remind him of Ginny. You believe everything your older brother says. We asked my mum, and she didn’t know how to go about getting me an audition, but being a driven mother she called up Bloomsbury, who gave her the number for the casting director.”

Bonnie said that Harry Potter is 10 years of good memories” and that she knows that “any step I go on to now is thanks to that, and I’ll never forget it’s been part of my foundation.”

On kissing Daniel in the films, she said,

“It was unusual. We’d known each other eight years. I was 17, so it wasn’t my first kiss. It becomes mechanical in front of lots of people, but it’s better than it being a stranger, someone you’ve never met.”

Bonnie’s next project is a film called The Sea, which is out next month, and she is “also finishing two films she directed and acting in another that must remain under wraps for now.“

Bonnie also discusses her love for London, the Burning Man Festival, and her boyfriend. To find out what else she had to say, check out the full interview here.

Find out more about the Oxfam Mother Appeal and how you can get involved here, where you can also watch a video of Bonnie and her mother talking about the appeal.

Are you getting involved with the Appeal? Are you looking forward to Bonnie’s upcoming projects? Let us know!

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