Emma Watson says she would “definitely be up for a cameo” in “Fantastic Beasts”

Warning: some plot and character spoilers for the film Noah are contained in the interviews quoted here.

On her press tour for the upcoming Noah film, Emma Watson has said that she would “definitely be up for a cameo” in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film, which is to be based on the life of Newt Scamander. Nothing has been announced, yet, however, and it is hard to know where Emma would fit into the film.

Emma recently appeared on The Ellen Show and David Letterman, as well as giving plenty of interviews to promote Noah in which she has spoken about filming Noah, graduating from Brown, and Harry Potter.

Emma has also spoken about how filming Harry Potter prepared her for the tough conditions filming Noah. She said,

I remember being on set, and Darren was saying, ‘Okay, the water is going to be cold. We’re probably going to be here for a full day; try and conserve your energy between takes like keep warm, and make sure you eat properly. This is going to be physically very demanding.”

She continued,

For a minute I felt very intimidated, and then there’s something about having done those Harry Potter films, and they were very physical. We did a lot of stuff in Scotland. It was freezing cold, filming at four in the morning, working crazy hours. It’s kind of comforting in a way to know that, in some senses, nothing will be as hard as that again, and I’m pretty prepared for most things people can throw at me, whether it be animals, water, stunts, CGI (computer-generated imagery)… whatever it is.

It was a very good school in a way and set me up very well for this kind of environment and this kind of pressure.”

Emma also spoke about the new challenge she was faced with during filming, as her character Ila has to give birth. She said,

“I did a lot a research because I become a mother in the story and obviously have never given birth myself. That required quite a lot of careful thinking […] Darren and I had this conversation where we both agreed that in so many films women give birth, and it looks like they’re barely breaking a sweat. We wanted it to feel very raw, very real, and so I took it pretty seriously.”

Paramount Pictures has also provided a new clip from the film, which shows the animals arriving, and two new featurettes about Noah. The first featurette explores the morality of the film, something which Emma has talked about in recent interviews.

The second featurette explores the creating of the ark itself and features Emma talking about her role as Ila.

Noah hits theaters this Friday, March 28 in the US and April 4 in the UK.

What sort of cameo do you think Emma could play in the Fantastic Beasts film? What character could she play? Let us know your thoughts!

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