J.K. Rowling among leading UK women who have signed an open letter to the British Government

J.K. Rowling is among several high profile female celebrities who have called for “action from the UK Government to protect women and children from sexual violence in conflict.” With International Women’s Day taking place this Saturday, the campaign calls for William Hague, the foreign secretary, and the British Government, to address this issue at June’s global summit.

Earlier today Unicef’s tweet mentioned Jo’s part in the campaign:

In an open letter, signed by other well-known figures, including Victoria Beckham and UNICEF’S UK Ambassador Jemima Khan, they ask the following:

Ahead of International Women’s Day this coming Saturday, March 8, we stand together to call for change. In June the UK hosts a crucial global summit on sexual violence in conflict. International leaders must seize this opportunity to defend women and to commit to protect children in war zones from rape and sexual abuse.

UK ministers must do their utmost to ensure the summit prioritises measures to help children to report sexual crimes and hold their abusers to account. The UK must also secure more funding for psychological and long-term support for child survivors.”

Read the full letter here, and find out how to add your own name in support.