Sign up NOW for a Summer online course from the Mythgard Institute – “Taking Harry Seriously”

MuggleNet Academia has been showcasing examples of why the literature of Harry Potter from author J.K. Rowling should be taken seriously in the academic circles. Classes are being taught on the collegiate level around the world to discuss the artistry and meaning of the text while being compared to the great classic literature of Dickens, Chaucer, Dante, Shakespeare, Lewis, Tolkien, and more.

Now, you, the Harry Potter fan, have a unique opportunity to take an online collegiate level course this summer from Dr. Amy Sturgis of the Mythgard Institute. Dr. Sturgis was a previous guest on MuggleNet Academia as we discussed a comparison between Rowling and Tolkien.

From the Mythgard Institute website:

In this course we will discuss the ancestors to the Harry Potter phenomenon, examine the specific works and traditions that inform the Harry Potter universe, study the Harry Potter texts in depth, and, perhaps most importantly, consider why the Harry Potter franchise has achieved unparalleled global popularity today. In the process, we will take both a theoretical and historical approach to popular culture in general and J.K. Rowling’s works in particular. Wizards, witches, squibs, and muggles are welcome as we get to the very heart of Harry Potter.

Sign up for this course now and dive deep into the literature of Harry Potter.

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