Sir Kenneth Branagh’s “Macbeth” gains wins at Manchester Theatre Awards

It was a successful day at the Manchester Theatre Awards for Sir Kenneth Branagh’s (Gilderoy Lockhart) Macbeth, walking away with three of the event’s biggest prizes. The play struck gold in the categories of Best Production, Best Supporting Actor for Ray Fearon, who played Macduff, and of course, Best Actor for Branagh himself.

This adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s greats was staged at an old church last year during the Manchester International Festival. It was Branagh’s first Shakespeare role in a decade.

Although he didn’t make an appearance at the awards, he did leave a personal message to be read out:

In Manchester, from the moment we pelted our dear patrons with rain, mud and blood, we felt their complete (and literal) immersion in the experience. They were not only good sports, [but] they were [also] the other half of the evening, and for their concentration, their support, and their reluctance to send us laundry bills, I thank them most sincerely.”

Playing Shakespeare is a privilege for an actor. To do so in a great city, under the banner of a great and creative festival was a treat from start to finish. To the Manchester Theatre Awards, my great thanks. I am sincerely grateful for this award.”

Additionally, Julian Glover (voice of Aragog) won Best Actor in a Visiting Production for Maurice’s Jubilee.

Click here to read more and for the full list of winners.

We send our congratulations to both Sir Kenneth and Julian Glover on these achievements!

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