Soon to be Seventh Year

Soon to be Seventh Year

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I often feel as though the wonder and excitement I experienced throughout my childhood is slipping away as I age. As such an experienced and (excuse me if this is rude) old man, have you had this feeling in your life? How can I hold on to my excitement and fascination with life?

-Soon-to-be Seventh-Year


Hello Soon-to-be-Seventh-Year,

Time has the awful habit of, excuse the pun here, moving faster magically as we get older. At this point, a single year arrives and leaves faster than Harry’s Firebolt. But that does not mean that I do not fully enjoy each and every day and make each day count. It has always been my goal to make every person I talk to feel better about themselves after they leave my presence. It is not always an easy task, but we must remember to do that which is right rather than what is easy.

Make each day count!

Yours truly,
Professor Albus Dumbledore

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